Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Scientific Nature Of It All

Today I spent most of the day helping Carolynn with/ doing her science project. Over the last two weeks she has been conducting an experiment to see if music changes the way plants grow. The project is due tomorrow.

I went over to my mom's house in the afternoon. My grandpa is making a ton of Chex mix over there. I brought some home. It is tasty. Next weekend he will be making some kind of lasagna. It has chicken and broccoli. It sounds tasty. My mom gave me some firewood for my fireplace. It's getting to be that time of year. I am looking forward to it.

Only two more days until election day. Things are heating up. I think most people have pretty much made their choice by now. Don't forget to vote.

I also spent some time on the NaBloPoMo site adding stuff to my page. I met great people there last year. I am hoping to meet a few more.


  1. So what was the result of the experiment? I've always heard that music works.

  2. oh yummy, send me some of your grandpas chex mix....that sounds so good. i am curious as to the results of carolynns project too

  3. The thing about Grandpa's famous Chex Mix is once you start eating it you just keep on munching till it's gone.

  4. Well, it turns out rap music, at least Eminem's Slim Shady album, is bad for plants. That one barely grew. The one that grew the tallest was the one that got the metal... specifically Korn. The other's got pop music, classical music, and country music. They all grew about the same as the one that got now music.

    Grandpa's Chex Mix is so good. Maybe I will have to send some to Kenosha.

  5. Looks like a great science fair display! A day well spent. :)

  6. Send some Grandpa Chex Mix to Hawaii.
    & For the first time in my lifetime....

    I VOTED!!

    : )

  7. Oh that's too funny. I didn't know she was using different types of music. I was think music/no music. I love how the plants grew taller listening to the metal. lol!

  8. well kenosha would be very happy to have some of grandpas chex mix! i may have to hide it from everyone else in my house though ;)


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