Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sunday, The Start To A New Week

Today so far is not doing too badly. I got an unexpected check in the mail yesterday. WOOOO! No, someone still owes me a paycheck from the pet shop, but I get a school grant and I was not expecting more until mid December. It was not much, but I squeezed plenty out of it. I paid two bills (one of which was a cell phone bill, which they were going to shut off and now they will not for another month!), I filled my gas tank, and I got enough firewood to heat us hopefully through November. I only spent $25 on firewood. I am so thrifty.

David got a tiny paycheck. I think it was for like one day. However, he seems to be getting more hours. Since he spoke with someone last week about the food handlers, they called him in for an extra day on Friday and scheduled him three days this week. (It does not sound like a lot but they were not giving him days at all some weeks) Today when he went in to pick up his check, they asked him to stay and work a full 8-hour shift. Of course he did. Therefore, his next check should be around $200 at least. WOOOOO! More bills can be paid!

I have two interviews scheduled for next week. They seem to come in waves. I got weeks with nothing and then a bunch at once. Everyone think good thoughts for me. Think employed thoughts.

I have a pot of beans on the stove. I am making refried beans. I love making those. It is cheap and a whole pot can make burritos for days. I also have a pork roast in the crock-pot. It has been cooking all day in a nice salsa verde. Later we can chow down on pork burritos. The house smells really yummy.

I have a nice fire going in the fireplace. I am warm and I have a nice cup of tea going on too. It is very windy and chilly today. It was so windy that David looked out this morning and thought it was foggy, until he realized that was dust, not fog.

Carolynn has a couple of friends over. This is her first time having friends over since we moved here. I met her friends’ moms and they were all excited for the same reason. Both of her friends are new to the area and both moms were excited that their girls made new friends. Diamond just moved here from Perris, California. That is not too far away. Her other friend, Mikhala, moved here from New York. They are all very giggly. Here is a picture of the trio. Carolynn is first, holding Gibby, then Diamond, and Mikhala is on the other end.

One day at a time…


  1. yes i am a stalker! i was wondering if maybe you could ask your tech savy david to make me a cool header for my blog and then maybe you could give me instructions on how to put it on my blog. i am new to all of this blogging business!

  2. Okay, David is going to make you a fabulous new header and I will send it with instructions.

  3. Good luch with your interviews this week!

  4. The girls look like they're having fun. I'm so glad they found each other!

    Glad to hear you have some interviews. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  5. Thanks. I need lots of luck.

  6. thanks david you guys are the bestest! i wish i was savy enough to do those things!!!!!

  7. I knew Carolynn would make some friends.......they look like they are having fun.

  8. They are having a fun time.


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