Thursday, June 25, 2009

New News

This week I have begun a new chapter of my job. I actually have the same inmates in the same place every day at the same time… except for Wednesday and Thursday, which are my days off. So far it is going along well. It started out a little rough because they didn’t know me, but we worked it out.

Too bad men are pigs, and no, I am not talking about the inmates. I arrived on Sunday for my first day and my office was filthy. There were sunflower seed shells all over the floor. The place was dusty and smelly. I figured no one had cleaned it in a while. Inmates are supposed to clean and these particular inmates have been unavailable for some time. So I spent some time cleaning. I swept the floor, scrubbed the desk and counters, and cleaned out the microwave. On Monday, I went over to Wal-Mart and got an air freshener, a box of tissue, and some hand sanitizer to keep in the office. At the very least, 4 different people will share that office during the week; the morning guy, the guy who covers his days off, me and the guy who covers my days off. I figured if I got it clean, then the four of us would be more comfortable. When I left Sunday, that office sparkled. When I arrived again on Monday, the sunflower seed shells were back, there was jelly on the shelves and paper work and there was food all in the microwave again. There was also something greasy and slippery on the floor I almost fell in. So once again, I commenced the cleaning. I employed some inmates to help scrub the floor and get me some disinfectant to clean. We made it shine. I placed my air freshener in there and it smelled good too. Even inmates came in and said it smelled good in there. Yet, when I returned again on Tuesday, it still smelled good from the air freshener in the window, but sunflower seeds, Chex Mix, Cup O Noodles, and other trash were everywhere. Some kind of red good was baked into the microwave. It was nasty. This time, the inmates were ready. As soon I got there they arrived with the broom and a mop. No one wants to work in filth. It makes me unhappy and no inmate wants an unhappy cop. I have been off two days so heaven knows what it will look like when I return.

Catherine got her new glasses this week. Finally. You don’t even know how much work I had to do, how much paper work I had to go through or how many calls I had to make to get those glasses. Of course, in a few months, she can use my insurance from work to get another pair. I will be able to get a new pair too.

Tonight we are going to this week’s concert in the park. It is a country band. That should be fun for the line dancers. David is working and won’t be joining us. There is no concert next week because they are having an Independence Day celebration next week. I will have to miss that though. I will have to work. That is sad really because you get such a clear view of several fireworks displays from my house.

It certainly has been a sad week in Hollywood. Last Friday we lost Ed McMahon. They had a very nice tribute to him on the Tonight Show. I never saw him on that, but I remember him on Star Search. Then this morning we lost Farrah Fawcett. I have seen a few old episodes of Charlie’s Angels and of course everyone has seen this poster. I have seen her in The Burning Bed. That was a good movie, even though it was a made for TV movie from the 80’s. Now it is reporting that Michael Jackson has died this afternoon. Michael Jackson was my hero when I was little. I loved Thriller. To me, Michael Jackson was the 80’s. His music is timeless. Sure he was a weird guy and did some crazy things, but as an artist, he was legend. Truly the King Of Pop.

Well, I guess that concludes that. I have to get dinner together before we go to the concert. Enjoy this Michael Jackson video.


  1. love Catherine's glasses. I have some that are similar but they're a bit more angular where here are rounded.

    It has been a rough week with deaths. I was shocked when I opened my home page last night and saw the news about MJ. I think I was in disbelief until I turned on CNN. My favorite song was probably Black and White.

  2. Black and White was such a great video. Maybe will put that one up today.


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