Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This always makes me think of Trisha.

Last weekend, my friend Tabi and her family were unable to attend my barbecue. They had an emergency come up. So I invited them over for this Sunday. I was very excited. First off, I haven’t seen Tabi since I graduated high school. Second of all, I haven’t got very many friends and certainly none that live nearby, so I was glad to finally have one that lives right here.

This week has been long. David’s truck broke down last weekend. It wasn’t a major issue, but until he could get it fixed, he couldn’t drive it. I got so used to him having his own vehicle. This was also my first full week back to morning watch, also known as the midnight to 8am shift. My sister is visiting from Hawaii and my parents had a little barbecue of their own on Tuesday evening. Then on Thursday my sister and I decided to get some burgers and go to the concert in that park. As I mentioned previously, the concert blew chunks and I got a flat tire. (Pictured- Nathan and Sarah)

Friday and Saturday I called around trying to get a price quote on David’s car repair. It was figuring around $200, if it needed the repair we thought (a new water pump). Plus we would have to have it towed there. Mostly, I hate mechanics. I am afraid that every one of them is trying to rip me off. This was confirmed to me by the large number of mechanics I have met behind bars. I was totally convinced that I would have it towed to a mechanic who would tell me, “Oh no, it’s not the water pump. The whole radiator needs replacing, and while we were in there we found another $500 dollars worth of repairs.” I mentioned this via Twitter which updated my Facebook status. (Yep, you gotta love the technology.) Anyways, my friend Jackie saw my Facebook and left me a message telling me her husband was a mechanic and also worked at an auto part store and perhaps he could help. So I told her the problem and her husband, Alan, agreed to fix it for $120. No tow truck, no rip off mechanics. They said they could come on Sunday. I suggested they come in the late afternoon so it wouldn’t be so hot. And that is when Tabi and her family were coming, so we could all hangout together. (Jackie knew Tabi in school too. As a matter of fact, Jackie and I have known each other since I was in the fifth grade and Jackie was in the fourth grade.)

So Sunday evening, Alan and Jackie came and Alan fixed David’s truck. (It was the water pump and a hose needed replacing.) Not only did he fix it, but David learned a bit about car fixing himself. That wouldn’t have happened from an auto repair shop. Jackie and I hung out while the truck was worked on. Then Tabi and her family came. We had a great time catching up. Tabi has a great family. They have two boys, one is 10 and one is 6. It was so funny… The little one had such a crush on Carolynn. He followed her around. He ate what she ate (even though he would have preferred the hotdog, he took some chicken because Carolynn did.) Later, David ran to the store and Carolynn went with him. The little guys face fell. Tabi said he looked like someone had shot his puppy. When Carolynn was gone, he came and sat by me and I asked him if he liked hanging out with Carolynn. He turned all red and hid behind a napkin. Anyway, we sat around and talked, reminisced and caught up on what has happened since high school. David and Alan fixed the truck and played Wii games. We had a blast. I hadn’t had friends over in years. Not since Trisha came out to visit. And before that, maybe one time Heather came over in Kenosha. We will absolutely have to do that again. I forgot to take any pictures though. Next time.

Yesterday I took Catherine school shopping. Catherine is so much cheaper. For about $170, Carolynn got two pairs of bright pants, three tee shirts, new shoes, a book bag, a necklace, and a bunch of bracelets. For around $150, Catherine got…

This sweats outfit… Including pants, shirt and jacket.

This dress, she calls her cowgirl dress.

This shirt and these jeans. David says she looks like Harry Potter.

She also got two pairs of shoes, a pack of socks, a backpack, and new cables for her computer and a desk chair. Now both girls are all set for school, which starts on Monday. What happened to the summer?

Last night, I went and saw Public Enemies. It was pretty okay. There was a lot of shooting and gun fights. But Johnny Depp was hot, so all is good.


  1. wait..school starts Monday? whoa. School starts so much earlier these days.

  2. Yeah, but they get time off in October here


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