Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know it has been a few minutes since I updated. It is nice to see you missed me. I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I hate to be a humbug, but I am glad it is over. It was so hectic and cost money I needed for other things. It was so nice to eat all that yummy food and see everyone. But all that extra work and partying wore me out.

I have been working a lot. A LOT! The paychecks will be fat. Work is good. I finally finished my probation. WOO! I made it. Not only that, but I was promoted from a 5 officer to a 6. A little more money in the paycheck. It comes with some new posts to try and new stuff to learn. This is going to be a great year of work. I don’t know why I love my job, I just do.

Christmas was good. I worked on Christmas Day. We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. The girls got a ton of good stuff. Carolynn got the iPod she has been wanting. Catherine got a ton of Pok√©mon. I got a new sweater and some chocolates. David got a Super Mario game. Carolynn also wanted a kitten. I don’t know why. We have a cat. We unfortunately lost two cats last year. We have three dogs. She still wanted a kitten. A kitten named Muffins. She had lost her mind.

Anyway, I went to the shelter last week to pick up the dogs tags and Carolynn fell in love with a little gray kitten. Muffins had arrived. The shelter said she is 6 months old. They also said she had a cold and they gave her 10 days of antibiotics. They said she was clear to take home. But after a week, she was sick again. I took her to the vet. They ran a bunch of tests and gave her some medicine. They still are not sure what exactly is wrong, but they don’t think it is fatal or major. The shelter covered part of the expense. My ex-husband is sending some money to cover it for his child.(He didn't want to see her cry and he didn't want the kitten to be sick either.) And she should be fine soon.

Our New Year’s Eve was fun. We had snacks and played games quietly at home. I had to work New Years Day.

Anyway, 2009 is gone. It went by so fast. But it was a great year. 2010 is going to be even better. To commemorate the occasion, I made this video. Enjoy peeps. Happy 2010!

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  1. happy new year to you! Congrats on the new kitty. I Muffins feels better soon.


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