Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Missed About My Car

1. We can all fit in it at the same time.
2. It doesn't rattle so loud that you can't hear the radio.
3. The seat is adjustable.
4. I can reach the pedals.
5. I can play 6 CD's.
6. I don't have to shift.
7. There are no dents.
8. It has door handles.
9. You don't have to crank down the window.
10. I don't need a step stool to get in.
11. I can steer with one hand.
12. There are no rust spots.
13. It has both air conditioning and a heater.


  1. This was even better reading now that I've read David's post!

  2. LOL. It was funnier when David added his.


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