Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things

1. Carolynn managed to pass the 8th grade with D’s. Except for the A in PE.

2. Catherine had her school end of the year art fair yesterday. She sure can dance.

3. Carolynn is going on her school 8th grade graduation field trip to Magic Mountain tomorrow. Perhaps she will make some friends.

4. All of our computers are being losers. David’s is dead. Catherine’s is dying. Only mine works and I am so sick of sharing.

5. Our air conditioner is not working. They will be out to fix it tomorrow.

6. Only one more episode of Glee and the season is over.

7. I have been working a lot lately. I worked 16 hours on Sunday and then 18 hours on Sunday. I was asleep for most of Monday.

8. In an attempt to save money I did my own pedicure and David detailed my car.

9. Catherine is going on her 5th grade field trip next Thursday. They are going to the skating rink.

10. I bought some berries and whipped cream on Tuesday. They are gone. I didn’t get any.

11. I want a new grill so bad, but I want to wait until after we move.

12. David gave up soda. He hasn’t killed anyone yet. I miss Dr. Pepper though.

13. Sunday is my niece’s 7th birthday. I got her a dance game for her Wii. It’s like ours and I know she likes ours.

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