Saturday, May 14, 2011

Betty In A Bag

At 5:00 AM one morning, on a day off no less, I awoke to a strange noise. It sounded like the rustling of plastic grocery bags. We keep them in a cupboard where the trash goes. We recycle them or use them to clean the cat box. One day I used them to cushion a package I sent to my niece.

Anyway, I awoke to the noise. I heard the sound of a cat jumping over the baby gate to Carolynn's room. We keep the baby gate up there to keep the dogs out. They would go in there and eat the cat food or dig in the litter box.

The sound continued. It was close by, then farther away. Then back again. I thought that the cats had somehow got into the bogs and were playing in them at that unfortunate hour. I have enough trouble sleeping, so that was too much for me. I get up to yell at them and put the bags away.

I get up and go out into the hallway. I see movement, but I can't make it out. The hallway light is out. So I go out into the dining room and flip a switch. That's when I see it running down the hallway. It's Betty, our cat.
She has her head in a plastic bag handle and she is trying to out run it. She streaks up and down the hallway a few times. In and out of Carolynn's room a few times. She even goes out into the garage a few times.

I couldn't catch her. She was terrified and just trying to get the bag off hr head. How strange it must of looked... Betty running with the bag handle around her neck like a necklace and me in my undies chasing her... AT 5:00 AM!!!

She stopped a few times and then tried to back out of it. That proved useless. The other two cats were chasing her, just to add to the fun. They thought it was a fun game.

Finally, after about ten minutes of this, I cornered her under the kitchen table and removed the grocery bag from her head. I put it away and went back to bed.

Freakin' cat.

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