Monday, November 14, 2011

Icy Feet

It's been so cold lately. Well, not cold to people who live in say.... Buffalo... But cold to me. Our house is so drafty. And since we live in an all electric house, running the heater is almost out of the question. Our highest summer electric bill was $300. That is a lot. I don't want to repeat that for winter. If I dare turn on the heater David turns it right back off. But is is easier to get warm than stay cool.
We have beautiful, hand made quilts that my step-mom made. I have been wearing several pairs of socks at once. Sweats and flannel pajamas are my new buddies.

I like the fall and winter best. I don't like the heat. The heat makes me cranky.

I also have been drinking a lot of nice hot tea. I love British tea best.
Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Irish Breakfast Tea, English Breakfast Tea... I also like green teas and herbal teas. I have been enjoying yummy cups of chamomile at night before bed.

We have been making lots of yummy fall foods. Lots of soups and roasts and warm breads. It's awesome.

Except for the cold feet.

I need more socks.


  1. I love green, white, and herbal teas too. Not such a fan of the English or black teas though.

    Target has lots of fun print socks that are pretty cheap. The girls and I like to shop for socks there.

  2. What a pretty tea set!

  3. oh and YAY I can finally publish my comments. I don't know why it wasn't letting me earlier. For some reason it wouldn't let me scroll down to enter the word verify.

  4. It was't working for anyone. So I turned it off. :)

    And Thanks, I love that set. I have two nice Asian sets too.


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