Sunday, November 13, 2011

These Hands Were Made For Washing

I won't say I am some kind of hand washing freakazoid, but I wash my hands a lot. Like other normal people, I wash them after I use the restroom. I wash them after I handle raw meat. I wash them if I get something icky on them.

That last one happens a lot.

Inmates are icky. Their stuff is icky. And I touch them all day. I pat them down. I go through their stuff. Just the other day, I touched a huge stack of disgusting, photo-copied porno. Who knows what was on that.... EWWW!

I have search gloves, but I don't wear them every second. Sometimes there are latex gloves available, but I am allergic. On the rare chance I find some nitrile gloves, I fill my little belt pouch with them. But they never last long.

So needless to say, I wash my hands a serious amount of times a day. I keep these hand sanitizers on me all the time too. I also carry around lotion. The cheap soap they keep at work really dries the skin.

My favorite hand washing stuff comes from Mary Kay... Satin Hands. It makes my hands feel all girly and soft. It also works really good on my feet. It's almost as good as a spa pedicure. Well, not quite, but it is still nice.

I used to sell Mary Kay a million years ago. (I sold Avon too.) My friend Helen sold Mary Kay and I would help her out when I could. (She had Parkinson's, if I remember correctly. That was 12 years ago.) I loved their stuff, but especially the Satin Hands.

Now I get my Satin Hands from my friend Adrienne. She started selling it recently. Check out her online store.

This keyboard is probably covered in germs so I am going to go wash my hands now.

Not crazy, perfectly normal.

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