Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I mentioned before that I have been playing fantasy football with some family members. It's my first time playing and I kind of like it.

When my dad asked me to play, I figured I would try it. I didn't know anything about football. (I still don't really.) Sometimes David watches football and we usually watch the Super Bowl for the ads and halftime. I didn't even know players names.

Luckily, all I do is work with tons of men. Men who watch football. Men who play fantasy football. So in the weeks leading up to the start of this I spent a lot of time asking guys I work with a lot of questions.

What the heck is a fantasy football?

How do I know what the good players are?

How do I get good players?

How do they score points?

What teams are good?

First off, you'd think these men had never been asked these questions before and most were super happy to answer. I got so many opinions. Everyone has favorite teams and favorite players. They went on and on and on...

Anyways, by draft day I had a list of player that could be good. That was fun. I was trying to get the best players I could while the rest of my family were trying to do me in.

Players in my league include me, my dad, my step-mom Vicki, my sister Nikki, my cousin Wendy, her brother, my cousin Jerry, his wife Brenda, and Vicki's son, my step-brother Brandon. My team is called “Spanish Inquisition”. Why?

Every week my dad sends out a recap. I love that. It's funny. His team is called “The Stingrays”. He named it after his car. Anyways, it has been fun so far. I lose more than I win. But that's okay. It has been fun anyway. And if I have to lose to people, I am glad it's them. This week I am playing my dear sister. Her team is called “Slick Chicks”. She should have called it “About To Lose” because she is about to.

I am really going to miss this when it is over.

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