Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tall Boy's Block

I am not a fan of rap music. Really. I like some. Usually some older stuff. I like Eminem. But really, I am just not a fan.

I have a friend who is a rapper. He has a little fan base going. He's written some songs. He even recorded some of them. He is very ambitious. He has done some performances. He has a really cute logo.
He's has hats and shirts made with it. He's not a bad looking guy. And to top it all off, he is a really nice guy. That is the best part.

We got to talking one day and he discovered that I like computers and websites and stuff. He asked me to help him build a cool website for his music. So I did.

I had fun. I learned a whole bunch. With my help, he purchased a domain name, subscribed to a web-host, and purchased a cool template. I put it all together (with David's help) and I have been maintaining it for him. I have also been maintaining his Facebook, My Space and Twitter. It's kind of fun. And I know he appreciates my help.

So if your a rap fan, check out my friend Tall Boy's website at Even if your not a rap fan, check out the site and see how I did. I even have a custom email there for website feedback:

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