Friday, December 09, 2011

Do You Hear What I Hear

A Day In The Life

One afternoon I was walking down the sidewalk. Just inside the yard fence, two inmates are walking along just behind me. I am heading to the gate to stand by as the inmates return from the yard to their housing units.

I heard one of the inmates say something behind me. It's not something good. It something to the effect of “shake that ass”. So I turn around and look at him. He stops.

I continue walking. Again, I hear him. “Shake that ass. Do it just for me. You know how I like it.”


I turn around again. Again, he stops. I ask him what his problem is. He says there is no problem.

I walk further. Just as he hits the fence so her has to turn away from me, he does it one more time.

I yell at him to quit that. He ignores me.

I walk down to the gate and wait for him.

He comes out of the yard and I immediately direct him towards the lieutenants office. On the way there I run into the lieutenant who says to take him directly to the Special Housing Unit. We get to the hallway that leads to the Special Housing Unit and a couple of guys take him the rest of the way. He starts yelling he didn't do anything. He calls me a bitch and a bunch of other stuff.

An hour or so later, he tries to convince a case manager it was a mistake. She comes and speaks to me about it. I tell her that I don't think it is a mistake. He said those things and he has a history of sexual proposal to staff as well as exposing himself or masturbating at staff.

A few days later, I was working in the Special Housing Unit. That same inmate starts telling me that I made a huge mistake sending him to SHU. He claims he wasn't talking to me. He didn't even notice me he says. He was just walking along singing a Little Wayne song.

I tell him that even if that was true, he was singing a Little Wayne song, he did so notice me. I turned and spoke to him several times. He should have known that in that environment that was not the time nor place to be singing that kind of song. He should have known better.

Later that same afternoon, he and another inmate are outside in a rec cage and the two of them try to convince me that he was singing a Little Wayne song. I tell them I don't care.

A few days later, I get an email from the disciplinary officer. He says he spoke to the inmate about the incident report I wrote and the inmate is claiming I said I would take it back.

I said no such thing.

A few days after that I got an email from the SHU lieutenant asking me the same thing.

Again, no.

Perhaps he should have sung a better song.

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