Monday, January 12, 2015

We Are The Champions... Or Not

Fantasy Football is over for the year.

I played in three leagues this year.

The one at work was okay. I didn’t win. I didn’t expect to. It might be more fun if I actually saw some of those guys once in a while. I don't love the webiste they use.

My dad’s league was a mess from the get go. The draft happened while I was at work. I got stuck with all the losers no one wanted and it just went downhill from there. So I came in dead last. Oh well. I will get them back next year. However, my brother in law did come out on top of that. My dad sent him this fabulous trophy. My sister tried to claim it as her own, but it didn’t go over too well.

Our own home league gained some new players this year. We had a pretty awesome year. I didn’t do too badly either. But to most of our dismays, David won. Stupid David. Maybe I will divorce him so he can’t play anymore. Sucker.

It was a fun time for all though.

See you all in August!

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