Sunday, November 15, 2009

It Can Only Get Better

The TV breaking last week, was just the start of things to go wrong.

Due to some banking thing, my paycheck, which is direct deposited every other Saturday like clockwork, didn’t get to the bank. Of course, my bills are set to come out the day I get paid, so unless my paycheck shows up tomorrow, we are in trouble. It should, but until it does… I can’t buy groceries, put gas in the car or anything else. Luckily, we have food in the house and David has a full tank of gas, so I can use his truck to get to work. I drove it today. It was an experience.

Another bad thing… If my check isn’t in the bank tomorrow, we won’t be able to go to Angela sing. I have been looking forward to that for weeks.

I have had a nice steady post at work for a while. I worked hard for it and worked hard doing it. But in reality, I was just filling in. The guy I have been filling in for was out with a knee injury. Well, he came back. I am glad for his knee, but it really messed with my schedule. With his post, I had Thursday’s and Friday’s off. That would have meant all holidays off. But now, I have no idea. I won’t know my Thanksgiving schedule until later this week. They were kind enough I give me Thursday and Friday off this week since that it what I had before the other guy came back.

Last night we went to Tabi and Kathy’s house for game night. I made cheesy potatoes to take. But I didn’t have time to bake them. I decided that I could just bake them there. As we pull out of the driveway, I asked David to hold on a second (we were in his truck) so I could take another look at the address. I put the casserole on my lap. He didn’t’ hear me and went, so I was now covered in cheese sauce. We go back in the house so I can clean myself up and regroup. We get back in and I am trying to be as careful as possible. But when I get out of the car at Tabi’s, I am again wearing cheese sauce.

Other than the sauce, we had a great time. We had so much food. All of it was good. We played games and talked and just had fun. We played Disney Scene It, Scene It, and Trivial Pursuit. Next time we should have game night here. We have two Scene It games for X-Box. We have a whole closet full of board games. (All of last night’s games were ours.)

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Blog Swap. Thank you Rammi for switching with me.

Until tomorrow…

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